We strictly abide by the security rules linked to our activity for safety requirements.

Aerial space

Aerial shooting

The drone and the helicopter are subject to regulation governing the occupation of airspace.

We take all the necessary precautions before flying in a drone.

All procedures are written in a specific activity manual (called MAP) and a secure area is installed at each take-off location.

We are registered with the DGAC number ED4541 and authorized to operate in S1, S2, S3 scenarios.

The drone flight scenarios


S1 Scenario

In sight flight in uninhabited rural areas
Aircraft up to 25 kg.
Max altitude 150m
Tele-pilot at max 200m from his drone.


S2 Scenario

Out of sight flight in uninhabited rural areas
Aircraft up to 25 kg to 50m high and 2 kg from 50 to 150m Altitude
Tele-pilotat max 1 km from his drone.


S3 Scenario

In sight flight in inhabited areas
Aircraft up to 8 kg
Max altitude 150m
Tele-pilot at max 100m from his drone.


Our specific training

We are authorized to work on specific sites like SEVESO and have been trained in industrial and chemical risks.

  • Security UIC level 1 and 2 / Industrial and chimical risks
  • Seveso training
  • ATEX level 0
  • APET’VA qualifications for VINCI highway networks
  • Work at height training

Hygiene security environment

HSE Plan

Cap Vertical has a voluntary approach to respect Hygiene Security Environment legislation on its working sites, thus conforming to Customer demands:

  • To anticipate, to foresee and to organise in advance each aspect of the job and adapt our behaviour accordingly to reduce risk
  • To create, maintain and develop motivation, emphasising on “team spirit”
  • To generate the necessary energy and motivation to obtain only the best performances