Ground shots

Our aerial videos services are regularly associated with ground video capture. We believe that the variety of shots makes more dynamic videos. So we have the equipment for capturing images on the ground, both indoors or outdoors. We are also equipped to realize interviews.

Video equipments

Our ground video equipments

Canon EOS R, EOS R5 et EOS 5D Mark III

Wide range of professional lenses Canon EF et RF

Camera stabilizer / Gimbal from Ronin

Slider and motorized head Edelkrone

Atomos and SmallHD monitor display

Micro Rode for audio part, micro for interviews, micro « run&gun » to get a good quality sound wherever the action is.

Digital audio recorder Zoom type.

On-board systems

Shooting in motion

We use the Buggy cam pfor moving shots. Adapted to our best cameras, it allow shooting close to the ground from a low angle and offers an original rendering to evolve in differents types of environment (road, parh, all terrain).

We are also equipped to embed cameras on our vehicles.