Drone Inspire 2 – DJI

Dual operators (a pilot and a cameraman) and FPV camera for high precision in movements.

Great freedom in the choise of shots thanks to interchangeable lenses.

Recording on SSD or micro SD. ProRes and RAW up to 6K through fullHD et l’UHD for freedom in post-production.

A top speed of over 90km/h allowing to be responsive and to follow up at high speed.

Parachutes and circuit breaker to evolve in built-up areas. Proximity sensors for more safety when flying in narrow places.

Caméra ZENMUSE X5s with micro sensor 4/3 – 20Mpx – 13 dynamic stops. Recordings 5.2K/4K/2K/HD – Apple ProRes and Cinema DNG RAW formats.

Caméra ZENMUSE X7 with sensor Super35 – 24Mpx – 14 dynamic stops. Recordings 6K/4K/2K/H – Apple ProRes and Cinema DNG RAW formats.


Drone Mavic 2 Pro – DJI

Used by a single operator who will both control and frame.

Equipped with a sensor developed by DJI and Hasselblad, this small drone pushes the limits imposed by its size.

Camera one inchCMOS and 20 Mpx sensor. This is the first DJI camera that uses a mechanical shutter, eliminate distortion.

10 bits recording for more color accuracy.

Equipped with safety sensors.

Camera Mavic pro 2 with one inch CMOS sensor – 20Mpx – 28mm lenses
4K recording – H264/265 10bits formats


Shooting in helicopter

We have been using helicopters for over 10 years. The helicopter is the ideal tool for filming or photographing large areas or long plots.

The positioning around the subject playing a major role in the success of the shooting, we only work with pilots accustomed to accompanying professional videographers and photographers.

The helicopter models we usualy use are Robinson R44 Raven II and Ecureuil.