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An experimented and passionate team

Cap Vertical is the result of a successful partnership between an aerial photographer and a video specialist passionately interested in new technologies.

A harmonious combination of technical expertise and artistic interpretation.


Quality equipments for stunning images

Quality imagery is our goal. Our DNA. And it’s also the reason why we love so much our job.

The combination of ultra performant drones and cameras with technical piloting expertise has made possible best quality imagery.


Your projects are ours

Your work for a production agency, in communication, TV, events and you need aerial shoots ? We are here for you.

You work for a company, a public institution, tourim and heritage sector and you need a movie? We are here for you too.


Security. Legality.

We have the necessary authorisations to safely intervene in town, countryside, outside or inside, on classified historical and chimical sites. Our drones have autorisation for S1, S2, S3 shooting scenarios.

We employ experienced helicopter pilots, familiar with aerial photography and specific video making technologies.

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We operate all over France and abroad

Cap Vertical
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