How a shooting takes place?



By e-mail, telephone or messenger. A first exchange is necessary for us to define together the decisive aspects of your project. You are not totally sure of the direction it will take, the date, the place, the price? We can still help you with the elaboration of your project and provide you with more information on our photo, aerial video, ground shooting or timelapse.


Study and budgeting the projet

We evaluate your project in detail taking into consideration the variety of shots and shooting conditions in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.


Shooting organization

Organization of the project, considerations of scenarios and plans, adjustment and settings, security.

Our team will assist you at all stages of your project, whether these be video, photos, aerial or ground shots.



We work both in France and abroad for our video and photographic imagery. We adapt ourselves to the site chosen by the customer.

We possess the technical material and specific tools necessary. We set up all the material, clean lenses, prepare the cameras, install the microphones, tests, etc…Take one. Action!



The compilation of your video involves several stages, rough cut, assembly, colour correction, music, text, voice over, graphics…

The photographic aspect is “made to measure”.


Final delivery

You choose the format that you need for the video files.  We also provide the Raw files for professional clients who needs them.

The photo files are compiled in numerical format or paper print, bach, art print. Frames and finishing provided according to your needs.