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The shooting possibilities and conditions are varied, both in term of humans and technical resource (countryside, town, historic site, interior, exterior, seaside, roadside, etc). This is why each quote is made according to your project.

To understand the workflow of a shooting, consulte this dedicated page.

Below are some prices indications.

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ServicesHT prices
Drone / Per half day – One operator 400 €
Drone / Per day – One operator700 €
Drone / Per half day – 2 operators800 €
Drone / Per day – 2 operators1350 €
Helicopter / Photography or video professionalon quotation
Post-production / Photographies
Package 2h, 1/2 day, day
on quotation
Post-production / Videos
Package 2h, 1/2 day, day
on quotation

This prices are decreasing, given only for information and do not include administrative procedures, any security or travel cost and others adjustements that can be made depending on the shooting conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a custom quote.